For 3 years (2006 – 09) we raised money to help change the Pyatniski orphanage in Tula, Russia from a hell hole to a proper home through Multi International Aid.

Before MIA got involved, the 75 children were living in squalid conditions and it is thought being drugged & sold for prostitution.

tula bedroom before


Over the years we have worked with the Russian authorities and helped get a new Principal for the orphanage and have paid for new toilets, showers, beds, bedding, ceilings, kitchen equipment, flooring,double glazed windows, clothing, toys, parties and laundry facilities.

tula bedroom after

In August 2006 a group of 30 people, the majority from this church, went over there for 10 days working hard to make a start on these renovations.

tula group

Following a visit in 2009 by 2 members who saw what good work the Russian authoritieswere now doing at the school, we decided that the time was right to close the project knowing that we have “ Made a Difference” to the children of the Pyatniski orphanage.

There was a special Circuit Service at SHMC to celebrate the work carried out at Tula on Sunday 28 June 2009.

The total raised by this church and our friends and the Warrington Methodist Circuit is a staggering £78,000+!

Thank you very much to all who have contributed in any way!